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A deeply moving tale about two pigs who live right next door, but don't even know each other's names.  One pig is neat and tidy and good at following all the rules.  The other one, not so much.

But both pigs lives are changed when they receive an invitation for a visit... from God.

A profound message for kids (and grown-ups!) about how the way God sees us makes all the difference in how we see ourselves.

sidney & norman:
a tale of two pigs


I cannot read this wonderful, thought provoking book without tears, every single time.


A touching and magnificent view of God's love... in a cunningly captivating style that will enthrall readers.


This is my favorite children's book of all time. The story has such depth, hope, redemption and beauty, that I have gifted it to people of all ages.

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Where to find:

Illustrated by Justin Gerard

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